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Baby elephant loves to snuggle

Baby Elephant Surprises Caretaker with a Hug - YouTube

Kenneth Taylor|22 days ago
10/28/2015 · A baby elephant in Thailand just loves to give hugs. A 2-week-old calf took her caretaker Allie by surprise when she collapsed into her lap and started snuggling up to her. The adorable moment was ...

Baby Elephant Loves Cuddling with Arthur (Original) - YouTube

Paul Collins|11 days ago
12/12/2012 · Arthur and I travelled to Chiang Mai, Thailand, from Toronto, Canada, in December 2012 and visited the Patara Elephant Farm to become elephant owners for the day. Unlike other elephant parks in ...

Baby elephant wants to snuggle (cross post from r ...

Kevin Johnson|17 days ago
This baby was only 2 weeks old when the video was taken. This is Allie with the baby at the Chai Lai Orchid in Thailand. They are trying to rescue this baby and the rest of the herd and could use all the help they can get! Check out this link where you can go to help the …

Playful Baby Elephant Loves to Cuddle - madlyodd.com

Anthony Rodriguez|29 days ago
Playful Baby Elephant Loves to Cuddle – Can the Human Keep up The Hugs? As with all animals in the animal kingdom, elephants love showing and receiving affection. We all thrive in an atmosphere of love and comfort, and when someone shows us positive affection, we are drawn to that person. It is a perfectly natural reaction for a creature to ...

Rescued Baby Possum Loves to Snuggle

Edward Lopez|17 days ago
Rescued Baby Possum Loves to Snuggle. This is Basil. He is a four-month-old Western ringtail possum who was rescued in Western Australia. Basil loves to be snuggled. He also loves to be tickled. ... Baby Elephant Stuck in a Watering Hole? Send in the Chopper! Rescuing a …

WATCH: Baby Elephant Loves to Cuddle | Simply Adorable ...

Steven Lewis|22 days ago
This Elephant Blowing Bubbles is Probably the Most Adorable Thing You’ll See Today ‘Bubbly’ Baby Elephant Is Learning a New Skill and Mom’s Keeping a Close Watch. Elephants are the gentle giants we all know and love - but baby elephants are even better. It's time to show some major appreciation to the fuzzy-headed little

Bearington Baby Lil' Spout Snuggler, Gray Elephant ...

Thomas Davis|8 days ago
5/18/2017 · My daughter absolutely loves her Bearington Baby snuggler elephant, so we bought a "back up" just in case. The back up came in and looked perfect. Within one week the stitches at the ears came loose and the bow has begun to fray. The original is still in great shape given that it has been snuggled by a toddler for 9 months.


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Joseph Allen|17 days ago